This e-book is for C-level executives, business founders and owners, and other professionals looking for tips and insights they could use when working with software developers.

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Your Essential Guide to Working with IT Companies
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  • Decide between in-house and outsourced software development.
  • Choose nearshoring or offshoring development destinations.
  • Prepare to contact an IT company for an estimation.
  • Choose the best vendor for your project.
  • Understand and manage different roles in an IT project.
  • Start the project off on the right foot. 
You will learn how to:
Bartosz Kraszewski
Android Team Leader at SoftwareHut
A mutual understanding of business needs and methodologies is crucial for the success of a project. Exact and measurable findings are even more important when you work with an outsourced IT team. However, they will struggle to realise this without a certain dose of chemistry, based on a common language, and flexibility on both sides of the arrangement. Our e-Book shows just how to achieve that.
Karol Parafianowicz
Senior Project Manager at SoftwareHut
Today’s leading question is not ‘why outsource?’, but ‘how?’, or better yet – ‘how to do it well?’. That is, we must realise how to carry it out effectively. What this means is achieving assumed results on-time, and on-budget. Remember, a project is only as good as its brief, and the overall cooperation. That is why a sincere and professional long-term relationship between the client and project managers is important. This is what we discuss in the e-Book. 
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